Story: NL21-007

Ogen zo blauw

Word count: ~7000

Translated version: EN24-015 Eyes So Blue


Historiek: Ik schreef dit verhaal als inzending voor de IIVII-wedstrijd van Consouling Souls. De originele titel was 'Objectief: Natuur'.


# Awarded Publisher Result  
#001 2021-09-11 Diverse uitgevers / schrijfwedstrijden 3th place
  Report of the Jury: The story "Objectief Natuur" depicts a world in which Big Tech companies have taken over the world, which ultimately results in the destruction of the earth. It clearly refers to a number of contemporary issues (such as the forest fires, the pandemic and the erosion of democracy in which new rulers are suddenly creating a conglomerate). This brings the level of dystopia very close.
It is terrifying because the story, despite its very Hollywoodian and grandiose nature of the story, feeds you with the idea that this future might actually happen one day in real life. This plot reminded the jury of, among others, Dave Eggers "The Circle" and "Dark Matter" by Blake Crouch. A very clever and very well worked out idea with a strong plot twist at the end. There is a clear connection with the world of IIVII which is shown in the details, such as the lack of sleep that can only be solved in a medicinal way.