Entreprenerd Website: July 2021

You can tell that many people are on vacation just by looking at the metrics of the Entreprenerd website.

Entreprenerd: visits July 2021

About 50 visitors / day on weekends and about 100 visitors / day is not what I was used to in the glory days of iText, but it goes without saying that selling a book is different from distributing open source software.

Entreprenerd: Book Sales July 15, 2021

I released my book Entreprenerd on May 15, 2021. That's exactly two months ago. Let's take a look at the sales figures for these two months. The book got off to a slow start, but so far 228 people bought a copy. That's more than 100 per month and more than 3 per day, even in the last couple of weeks. I would be extremely happy if I can continue selling a couple of copies a day on average going forward.

This chart shows how the sales are distributed over the different editions:

Entreprenerd Website: May 2021

The book Entreprenerd was released on May 15 and when I look at the registered sales, I see that only 98 copies were sold to date. I know that this is an underestimation because some people have told me that they bought the hardcover, and those sales aren't visible in the reports my sales channels made available to me. Nevertheless, I am somewhat disappointed. I thought the book would be more popular. Maybe I'm just too impatient.

Why I don't offer my book in PDF format

My book is available in a paperback and a hardcover version, but I'm also offering it as an eBook, more specifically in ePub and Kindle format. A potential reader complained on Twitter, telling me that I should also offer the book in PDF-format. Many people consider me a PDF expert, so why would I not share the book as a PDF?

There are different reasons why I'd rather not respond to that request.

Releasing Entreprenerd

Last week, The Book Shelf fixed the last typos we found in the proof copies of my book Entreprenerd, and we also finalized the eBook version. I decided to do a soft release over the weekend. It usually takes some time for the different sales channels to publish the books, so I used a strict order.