Folio: a Short Story Management System

There's nothing more annoying than waiting for a response when you've sent a story to a magazine.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a Short Story Management System that allowed me to create an inventory of my short stories.

You can consult an overview of the awards and nominations I've won in writing contests:

Awards and nominations in writing contests

You can also find a list of publications, either online, as a podcast, as a digital publication, or in print:

Overview of publicationsNow I've also added functionality that allows me to assign a deadline to submissions to various publishers:

Overview of the deadlines of a story

With a simple click, I can automatically send an email with a standard message that includes the title of the story, when I submitted it, and how many days have passed since its submission.

Template of a mail generated by Folio

I have also provided a page where the addressee can indicate why they didn't respond. They don't even have to put effort into writing an answer. They can use a drop-down field in a form to choose the pre-canned message that most accurately reflects why I didn't get a reply:

Pre-canned answers for publishers

Isn't automation great ;-)


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