Schrijfplek Bruno Lowagie in Sint-Amandsberg

Image by Bruno Lowagie

Reedsy Challenge #25 was about Resolutions. Incidentally, I made myself a couple of resolutions for 2020, so instead of writing fiction, I chose to write a non-fiction story for a change. I also read the winning story of Readsy Challenge #23 and I noticed that the jury likes stories with fantastic elements. Knowing that, I wrote a second story that qualifies as fantasy.

  • Write a short story about someone writing New Year's resolutions.
    My story: Overachiever could very well serve as the "Preface" of an anthology bundling my short fiction.
  • Write a short story about someone in the self-help aisle of a bookstore. What book do they pick up?
    My story: A Life Well Spent? is a tale of caution about a man who wants to be a boy.