Story: EN23-002

A Mouse Called Elephant

Word count: ~300


This story was written in the context of a Furious Fiction Challenge.
This was the original assignment:
- Your story must take place at either an AIRPORT or TRAIN STATION.
- Your story must feature an awkward hug.
- Your story must include the words EIGHTEEN, EGG and ELEPHANT.


# Published Publisher Online Podcast eBook Print  
#001 2023-12-22 Furious Fiction Yes
  See Furious Fiction: December 2023 Story Showcase


# Awarded Publisher Result  
#001 2023-12-22 Furious Fiction Shortlisted
  Report of the Jury: The ‘he said’, ‘she said’ format works very well in this reunion of former lovers – setting the scene (and a little foreshadowing) with the awkward American meets Euro style of greeting at the very beginning. While we had a lot of stories of people meeting up again after some time, this one stands out for its efficiency – no lengthy backstories or side tangents. Just a real-time back-and-forth that works in part because it too is awkward and stilted – one perhaps still hoping for a flicker of requiting. In short, it feels real. Also a cute way to incorporate the concept of an ‘elephant in the room’ without never actually saying those words!