Infinite Horrors Magazine

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Infinite Worlds Magazine is interested in printing new, unpublished horror stories between 1500–5000 words in length. If you fail to receive a response within 90 days of your submission, you should consider that submission rejected.

According to The Grinder, this magazine is permanently closed for submissions for one or more of the following reasons:
- It was always planned to be a limited-time project, such as a one-time anthology, and the limited-time submission window has ended.
- The publisher has stated that they are permanently closed, or on hiatus with wording that makes it sound permanent.
- The publication website is down in a way that appears to be permanent, and we haven't been able to find a new website for them.
- The publication website is not down, but it appears to have been inactive for more than a year.
I assume that the last reason is the most likely one, because Infinite Horrors Magazine hasn't responded to my queries about a story I submitted.