More results of my "Entreprenerd" survey

Last week, I shared the first results of my online survey about the book I'm going to publish in a couple of months. Initially, more than half of the respondents seemed to be interested in the eBook version, but when I look at the charts today, I see a significant increase in people who say they would buy the paperback, or even the hardcover version. More about that later. Today, I want to highlight the feedback I received with respect to pricing.

Given an autobiographical book about entrepreneurship with about 280 pages, how much would you pay for the hardcover, paperback, or eBook version.

Personally, I was thinking of charging 30 USD / 25 EUR for the hardcover version. Half of the respondents think this is a fair price. About a third prefers a lower price: 25 USD / 21 EUR. Less than 10% would be OK with a higher price than I intended to charge; less than 10% want me to make the hardcover as cheap as 20 USD / 17 EUR. Based on this feedback, I think I'll stick to my initial price.

Pricing hardcover book

I intended to charge 17.99 USD / 14.99 EUR for the paperback version, and more than half of the respondents agree with this price. Less than 10% thinks that's too expensive, but almost 40% would be willing to pay more. That's a surprising result.

Pricing paperback book

The opinions about the price of hardcover books and paperbacks are clear. In both cases, 50% or more of the respondents agree with each other. That's not the case for the eBook version. I was thinking of charging 7.99 USD / 6.60 EUR, and 20% of the respondents agree, but more than half of the respondents would be OK with a higher price. Granted, 20% of the respondents think that 3.99 USD / 3.32 EUR is more than enough, but still, maybe I should consider raising the price to 9.99 USD / 8.20 EUR once I start selling the eBook.

Pricing eBook

I don't have to make that decision right away. You can still fill out the survey if you want to share your own preferences.

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