First results of my "Entreprenerd" survey

Last week, I launched a survey about my upcoming book "Entreprenerd". Although that wasn't the best moment to ask people to spend some time on my questions, I received 9 answers.

I shared the survey on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and I asked the respondents where they found the link. This was what they answered:

First results Survey Entreprenerd: source

No one answered "Email" because I didn't start an email campaign yet. As I don't like getting unsolicited emails myself, I might decide not to use email as a channel to promote the book.

I also asked how many people had already read the Dutch version of my story.

First results Survey Entreprenerd: Dutch version

Three out of nine respondents have read "Gebeten", which implies that they are part of the Dutch-speaking part of my network. I should find a way to better promote the survey internationally. Nevertheless, I'm happy to see that even people who have read the Dutch version are interested in buying "Entreprenerd".

These are the results of my question "Would you buy such a book?"

First results Entreprenerd survey: Would you buy such a book?

I asked how much potential buyers would like to pay for each version of the book, indicating which price I had in mind myself. I'll share the results of these questions once I have more info, but I'm surprised to see that many people are willing to pay more than I imagined. I want more info before deciding on the eventual price.

This is another question in my survey: "Suppose that I would price the books according to my personal preference, which version would you buy?"

First results Entreprenerd survey: ebook, paperback, or hardcover?

I didn't expect someone to be interested by the hardcover version. I only planned to create such a version as a collector's item. I consider buying some hardcover copies myself, sign them, and then give them to people as a gift.

I asked the respondents to share their mail address, but I also added the question "Can I send you a single mail once the book is officially released?"

First results Entreprenerd survey: can I send an email

The survey generates a spreadsheet, and for now, I'm only looking at the responses all the respondents together, but in a later stage, I'll make different versions of the sheet, e.g. one without the people who won't buy the book, one without the people who don't want to receive that single email when the book is finally released, etc.

I'll relaunch the invitation to fill out the survey several times in the next couple of months. Please fill it out, and share it with people that might be interested in my book.

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