Entreprenerd Website: October 2021

Last week, I was very present in the local, Flemish news. I expected that this would result in a peak in searches for my full name, but looking at last month's search report, I see that "Bruno Lowagie" isn't in the top three of keywords that led to a visit to the Entreprenerd web site.

Analytics Entreprenerd Web Site: search October 2021

Apparently, people mainly searched for the keyword "iText": 5,396 impressions and 21 hits in October versus 4,618 impressions and only 5 hits the month before. My full name "Bruno Lowagie" is ranked only on the 25th place, with an average position of 6.3, only 41 impressions and 0 hits. That's quite the opposite of what I expected.

Being in the news did of course have a positive effect on the number of visits to the Entreprenerd web site:

Entreprenerd website: visitors October 2021

The results of the lowagie.com web site show a much bigger spike, but it's great to see that more people found their way to my book site too. Unfortunately, this didn't result in a spike in book sales (yet; as always, the sales of the hardcover version have a delay of a couple of weeks).

There are a couple of anomalies when I look at the geographical origin of the visits:

Entreprenerd website geographical origin of visits: October 2021

What's going on with Finland and The Netherlands? I think the increase in Finland is caused by people visiting the site over a VPN network. As for the Netherlands: one of my short stories was selected for publication in an anthology that was presented last weekend, but is that sufficient to explain the 4-digit growth percentage? I had expected more visits from Belgium, but a growth of 203.4% is rather disappointing considering the media attention I received in my own country.

Entreprenerd website: source of the hits October 2021

There isn't much I can say about the way the hits were acquired. According to Google, most visitors went straight to the book site, or the origin of the "acquisition" of the visitor is unknown.

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