I live in Belgium, and that's where I spend the larger part of the year together with my family. However, my wife and I also own a house in California for business (Silicon Valley) and pleasure (the wineries of the Bay Area). In an average year, we stay about three months in the US and one month in Asia.

I keep track of my travels using TripIt and I import my flights into OpenFligths. OpenFlights allows you to create nice maps that visualize your flights for each year:


January: Saarbrücken (Germany); March: Austin (Texas), Los Gatos (California).

Open Flights Map 2019


South-Korea (Seoul, Pangyo Techno Valley), California (Silicon Valley), Texas (Austin), India (Bengaluru), Poland (Warsaw), Hong Kong, Cadzand (The Netherlands).

Flights in 2018


France (Paris), Texas (Austin), California (Silicon Valley), Canada (Toronto), India (Bengaluru, Mumbai), Singapore, Germany (Berlin), South-Korea (Pangyo Techno Valley), Thailand (Bangkok), New York (New York).

Flights in 2017


South-Korea (Pangyo Techno Valley), Spain (Barcelona), Texas (Austin), California (Silicon Valley), India (Bengaluru), Singapore, Germany (Berlin), Italy (Milan), Canada (Vancouver), Nevada (Las Vegas).

Flights in 2016


California (Silicon Valley), France (Paris), Massachusetts (Boston), Singapore, Germany (Cologne), Portland (Oregon), Washington State (Seattle), Spain (Barcelona, Rosas) New York (New York), South-Korea (Seoul, Pangyo Techno Valley), Switzerland (Basel).

Flights in 2015


California (Silicon Valley), Massachusetts (Boston), Nevada (Las Vegas), Arizona (Grand Canyon), Singapore, New York (New York), Washington D.C.

Flights in 2014


Italy (Rome), Germany (Königswinter, Berlin), France (Paris), Austria (Vienna), California (Napa Valley, Silicon Valley, Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo, San Diego), Washington State (Seattle), Massachusetts (Boston), New York (New York).

Flights in 2013