Next week, we'll publish iText's year in pictures on the iText blog, listing all the events we attended and all the awards we won, but I already want to give you a preview of all the people who made this possible:

iText on three different continents

From right to left:

  • ISA: Tony and Lynn, who are looking for an extra technical sales colleague in Singapore,
  • ISB: Johan, Michael, Julie, Ellen, Talita, Amedee, me, Samuel, Stephan, Minjung, Raf, Benoit, and Sara.
    • Missing in this picture: Céline who is on maternity leave, Jurgen who works in Germany, Nathan who works in the UK,
    • Joris is starting in January as a developer in the Belgian Office,
    • ISB is looking for a marketing person, a engineering manager, an extra support engineer, and a sales person for Southern Europe
  • ISC: Chris, David, Ryan, Alaine, Siwan, Stan, who are looking for a sales person in Boston

That's 24 people on payroll, and 7 more hires on the short term. (See iText jobs for more info). iText, the software library, will have its 17th birthday on February 2017; iText as a company will turn 9 years old on January 10. That's quite an achievement already, but I'm already looking forward to what we'll achieve next, together.