Earlier today, I wrote an article on Wil-Low.com about the problem of fake followers on Twitter: How real are your followers? I wrote this post after a newspaper reported about a Belgian political party that won more than 10K followers in India in a very short period of time. One of my readers jokingly asked me: And how many followers do you have in India?


As it turns out, there a quite a few. 18% of my audience on my personal account bruno1970, consists of accounts created in India. This isn't much of a surprise since I've been a keynote speaker at four events in India in the last three years.

Followers bruno1970 countries

It's also important to know what your audience is interested in. I'm happy to see that the interests of my followers corresponds with what I like talking about most: technology, leadership, and entrepreneurship. I would have expected a higher ranking for startups, open source, and technology tradeshows, but this is already a nice top 10, with sports as the only odd item in the list:

Followers bruno1970 interests

My personal audience is mostly male, and most of them understand English:

Followers bruno1970 gender

Followers bruno1970 languages

When we look at my fully-automated experimental account, directmediatips, we see that there are slight differences.


The percentage of Americans is higher; the percentage of followers from India is identical (and this has nothing to do with my presence in India; so this is odd); the audience from Belgium isn't even in the top 10 (which was to be expected):

Followers directmediatips countries

We share the same top 3 as far as interests are concerned, although the percentages vary. We have 6 interests in common in the top 10. No computer reviews, no open source, no sports news, and no tech tradeshows in the top 10 of the directmediatips account; instead we have marketing, travel news and general info, and advertising (which is in line with the original purpose of the account).

Followers directmediatips interests

Directmediatips appeals to a higher percentage of women than my personal account. As for languages, Dutch is no longer in the top 5.

Followers directmediatips gender

Followers directmediatips languages