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I've been very busy creating and fine-tuning the Entreprenerd website and I'm quite happy with the first results. For two weeks now, the site succeeds in attracting about 400 visitors a day (on weekdays).

Users entreprenerd.lowagie.com first weeks of March 2021

This isn't much, but it's better than expected for a website that has been online for less than a handful of weeks. The achievement I'm most proud of, is the fact that I managed to get the site in top 10 of hits returned by Google when you search for the keyword iText.

Top 10 of hits returned by Google when searching for iText

Needless to say that I look forward to the day I can finally release my book, but that's not in my hands. I'm still waiting for the typesetter to finalize his work. After that, I'll have to wait for the proofreader.

In the meantime, there's very little I can do aside from preparing the marketing machine.

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