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Sales have been extremely slow in the first two weeks of July, so if you're still looking for a book to read while on vacation, please consider my book Entreprenerd.

Book Sales Entreprenerd: monthly sales (number of books)

If we look at euros instead of number of copies, we get this result:

Book Sales Entreprenerd: monthly sales (royalty revenue)

I have now sold a total of 657 copies: 99 hardcovers, 257 eBooks, and 305 paperbacks.

Book Sales Entreprenerd: Types

This is the same pie chart, now with more detail with respect to the sales channel:

Book Sales Entreprenerd: channels

The previous pie charts were drawn based on the number of books sold, but let';s also take a look at the distribution of the revenue over these different channels:

Book Sales Entreprenerd: royalty distribution / channel

I'm not planning to introduce any price changes anymore. I make about 5.50 euro in royalties on every eBook sale and about 9 euro on every paperback sale.

Book Sales Entreprenerd: royalty / book / month

The estimated total royalty revenue is now 4,087.78 euro, but that's only an estimate. On the one hand, I am now getting more euro's for my dollars (in my spreadsheet, I use a fixed exchange rate to convert dollars into euros); on the other hand, I still have plenty of unpaid royalties. Draft2Digital owes me $97.50, but they only pay once I reach $100. I need one more sale on Apple books to reach that threshold.

I'm still about 2.300 euro away from breaking even with the book.

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