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I've been wondering about the hardcover sales of my book Entreprenerd for months. Today, I finally saw four more sales on the Ingram Global Distribution Network. Much to my surprise, the royalties I get for each book was cut in half.

Book Sales Entreprenerd: royalty / book / month

I checked my profile on Blurb and I discovered that the base price for the book (that is: the printing cost) had significantly increased, eating away half my royalties. I'm very sorry for those who didn't get a chance to buy a hardcover copy yet, but from now on, the hardcover will increase in price with a couple of euros. Note: I can only define what resellers have to pay for the book; I cannot define at which price a reseller will eventually sell the book. That price changes from store to store, and even from day to day.

The shortest month of the year was surprisingly good in terms of sales. I fear that March will be much more because I haven's sold a single copy yet this month.

Book Sales Entreprenerd: monthly sales (number of books)

So far, I've sold 216 eBooks, 85 paperbacks and 97 hardcovers, on a total of 398 sales.

Book Sales Entreprenerd: Types

This is how the sales are distributed per channel:

Book Sales Entreprenerd: channels

Due to the lower royalties for the hardcover, the revenue in February is lower than the revenue in January, although I had more sales.

Book Sales Entreprenerd: monthly sales (royalty revenue)

Nevertheless, Global Retail still accounts for 19% of all the revenue.

Book Sales Entreprenerd: royalty distribution / channel

My total royalty revenue for Entreprenerd is now at about 2,528 euro, of which I've already been paid about 2,227 euro. I use the word about because I get reports in different currencies (euro, American and Canadian dollar, rupee...) but I convert that revenue using a factor that is constant (while the exchange rate changes from day to day).

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