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I was waiting for the sales results of the hardcover in October to come in, but we're halfway through November, and I still don't see any change in my sales dashboard. That probably means that I didn't sell a single hardcover in October.

So far, I've sold 335 copies of my book Entreprenerd: Building a Multi-Million-Dollar Business with Open Source Software:

Entreprenerd: monthly sales November 2021

The deal I planned to make with the organizers of an event fell through because of amazon.fr screwing up my order. I placed it on October 4, but I haven't received a single copy yet and the event takes place the day after tomorrow. Dealing with customer support at Amazon turned out to be an extremely frustrating experience.

The percentage of eBook sales is stable; the percentage of hardcover sales dropped in favor of paperback sales:

Entreprenerd: distribution by type

Despite their lousy service, the percentage of sales through Amazon increased:

Entreprenerd: sales by type and sales channel

When we look at the revenue per channel, we see that Amazon isn't the most profitable one:

Entreprenerd: royalty revenue per channel

The total royalty revenue is now €2,166.67 of which €1,804.62 was already paid. In some cases, there's a waiting period before royalties are paid; in other cases, there's also a minimum threshold that needs to be reached before the payment is processed.

I also made a chart that shows the monthly revenue:

Entreprenerd: monthly revenue November 2021

I made another chart showing how much I made on average for each book over time (note that I changed the price of the book a couple of times):

Entreprenerd: average royalty per book and per month

Let's face it: those are poor sales. I'm still several thousands of euros away from breaking even with the book. The reviews are great: 6 people gave the book 5 stars on Amazon and it has 6 votes and an average of 4.83 on Goodreads. This means that the people who read it enjoyed it very much, but there just aren't enough people who bought it. As a millionaire, I can live with that; as an entrepreneur, I consider it a failure.

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