Proof copy of the hardcover version

The day before yesterday, I presented the proof copy of the paperback version of Entreprenerd. Today I can present the proof copy of the hardcover version. Although the book looks great, I'll delay the release to fix a minor problem.

Proof copy hardcover Entreprenerd (front cover)

As you can see, I centered the front cover when I created the PDF for the front cover, but I didn't take the spine fold into account. I'll create a new version in which the cover photo, my name and the titles are shifted 16 points to the right. This will cause a slight delay with respect to the release date, but I'll be happier with the result.

Proof copy hardcover Entreprenerd (back cover)

Proof copy hardcover Entreprenerd (spine)

The book consists of three parts:

Entreprenerd: start of Part I

Entreprenerd: start of Part II

Entreprenerd: start of Part III

If you compare with yesterday's post, you'll notice that the tone of the pictures in the hardcover version is warmer than in the paperback:

Comparing the pictures in Entreprenerd

Comparing the pictures in Entreprenerd

These are some pictures of the content:

Pages from Entreprenerd

Pages from Entreprenerd

Although the same PDF was used, you can notice that the gray of the hardcover is softer than the gray of the paperback.

Comparing the pages in Entreprenerd

This is the hardcover version on top of the paperback:

Comparing the size of Entreprenerd

While reading the paperback, I found six minor errors in the text. As I've decided to create a new version of the cover PDF, I've asked the typesetter to fix those. This shouldn't take too long. I am pretty sure I'll be able to release on or before May 18. If you are interested, fill out the single-input form on the Entreprenerd website.

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