Entreprenerd Website: May 2022

I was in Cannes for the film festival for the larger part of May. I didn't promote my book; most of my posts on social media were about movies. This didn't have a significant impact on the sales of Entreprenerd; so far I have 16 book sales in May, which is better than sales in February 2022, December 2021, or October 2021.

It did have a negative impact on the visits to the Entreprenerd web site:

Analytics Entreprenerd Web Site: users January 2022

Hardly anyone found their way to the web site through a link on LinkedIn or Twitter:

Analytics Entreprenerd Web Site: acquisition January 2022

Visits from China increased, but I don't think my book is available there. Those visits probably never convert into a sale.

Analytics Entreprenerd Web Site: world January 2022

The Google Search clicks decreased too (from 24 to 18) and the total number of impressions dropped (from 1.38K to 1.2K).

Analytics Entreprenerd Web Site: search January 2022

In the next couple of months, I will start setting up my next book. It will take several years to complete it, because I intend to write the history of the movie theater Sphinx up until the moment the building is fully renovated. The renovation itself will probably take about three years, so please don't expect that book any time soon.

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