Entreprenerd Website: November 2021

I don't understand what happened in the second half of November. The peak in visits to the Entreprenerd website at the end of October could easily be explained: my name was in every local news paper in Belgium, but I have no idea what caused the increase of users that started on November 17. The Entreprenerd site welcomed 104.5% more visitors, but that's not necessarily a reason to be more happy because the engagement time dropped from 13 to 4 seconds. Most of the new users end up on the website, and then immediately click away.

Analytics Entreprenerd Web Site: users november 2021

The distribution of the users over the whole world shows triple digit growth percentages in Austria, The Netherlands, Finland, and France. Visits from Australia even increased with 1,372.2%.

Analytics Entreprenerd Web Site: world november 2021

How these people found the website is a mystery to me. Google Analytics doesn't tell me much about the source of these visits. You almost can't distinguish Google as a search engine on the chart.

Analytics Entreprenerd Web Site: acquisition november 2021

When we look at Google Search, we see a normal pattern.

Analytics Entreprenerd Web Site: search November 2021

The only difference is that the keyword "entreprenerd" is appearing in the top 3 of keywords for the first time since the Entreprenerd website is online.

Analytics Entreprenerd Web Site: search keywords November 2021

My own name "bruno lowagie" was only searched for 17 times versus 41 times in October and 44 times in September. Although 163 people were looking for the keyword "entreprenerd" and 8 clicked through to the Entreprenerd website, I didn't see any significant increase in book sales. The sales numbers for November will be better than those for October, but whether they'll be much better than those of September will depend on whether any hardcovers were sold last month.

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