Entreprenerd Website: July 2021

You can tell that many people are on vacation just by looking at the metrics of the Entreprenerd website.

Entreprenerd: visits July 2021

About 50 visitors / day on weekends and about 100 visitors / day is not what I was used to in the glory days of iText, but it goes without saying that selling a book is different from distributing open source software.

The biggest difference with the previous months is the drop in total clicks after a search. In May, 135 people clicked a link after searching for keywords such as "iText" or "Lowagie"; in June, the total click count dropped to 105; in July, it dropped even more to 59 clicks.

Google Search Console: July 2021

There were no peaks of visits due to tweets and I have to admit that I wasn't really active on LinkedIn.

Entreprenerd: source of visits July 2021

I'm also adding the geographical distribution of the visitors for the sake of completeness, but there isn't much to see there.

Entreprenerd: geographical distribution visits July 2021

It was a slow month online, and although I didn't receive all the sales numbers yet, I can already predict that this will also be reflected in my mid-August blogpost about the book sales. I can't wait for the Summer to be over, because we've had nothing but rain in Belgium, and because the travel ban to the US probably won't be lifted before September.

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