Promoting the book "Entreprenerd"

I've been discussing the details of the book layout for "Entreprenerd" last week, and once we have made a final decision for the fonts, typesetting can begin. I don't have an exact release date yet, because I don't know how long the proofreading round will take, but in any case: the release of the book is getting closer and closer.

The 21st Birthday of iText

On February 14, 2000, I released iText 0.30, the first officially distributed version of iText.

While I'm creating Trivia pages for my book Entreprenerd, I compiled an overview of the different layouts of my personal web site and the iText web site.

The first years (2000-2001), my website was quite basic:

Survey "Entreprenerd": results

The manuscript of my book "Entreprenerd" is written; the copy editing process is ongoing. Soon I'll start the production process including cover design, typesetting, and proofreading. In the meantime, more people have filled out the survey about the book.

More results of my "Entreprenerd" survey

Last week, I shared the first results of my online survey about the book I'm going to publish in a couple of months. Initially, more than half of the respondents seemed to be interested in the eBook version, but when I look at the charts today, I see a significant increase in people who say they would buy the paperback, or even the hardcover version. More about that later. Today, I want to highlight the feedback I received with respect to pricing.

Een welgemeende "Dank u!"

Hoewel ik in de dagelijkse omgang doorgaans een optimistisch iemand ben, kom ik in online berichten vaak over als een gefrustreerd iemand. Vroeger was dat nog een pak erger dan nu. Ik citeer even uit mijn autobiografie "Gebeten":

Self-publishing experiments

In this post, I share my experiences with self-publishing paper books as well as ebooks on platforms such as Blurb,, KDP, Draft2Digital and Kobo.