Podcast interview

In this Dutch podcast, Bert asks me about the history of iText, about successes and failures, about strengths and weaknesses, about courage and fear, and so on.

Getting ready for GIDS 2018

Next week, I'm flying to Bangalore for the Great Indian Developer Summit (GIDS). I've been asked as a keynote speaker for the third year in a row.

This was my keynote in 2017:

For business updates: go to wil-low.com

I haven't been very active on my blog the last couple of years. Old blog posts were archived when I switched to a new Drupal version, and the only posts I wrote were about the performance of the iText web site. That's no longer needed now that the marketing team at iText was extended, so you probably won't see much activity on this site anymore, apart from an occasional update of my bio page.

Winterbash 2017

Not sure if I'll get some more hats before the end of the 2017 Winterbash, but this is the situation so far:

Winterbash 2018

Open Source India 2016: open source and IP

This is my talk on the importance of Intellectual Property (IP) rights in the context of open source, at the Open Source India conference in 2016:

Winter bash 2016: the results

I don't have as much time for Stack Overflow as I used to. Last year, I won 20 hats, this year only 19.

My Stack Overflow Winter bash hats
My Stack Overflow Winter bash hats 2016

I was very close to an extra hat: I was 6 reputation points short of getting a gold badge for the Java tag...