My personal Klout score

We used to make fun of Klout. For instance: whenever it was your birthday, your Klout score spiked because of all the people sending you birthday wishes on social media. Nevertheless, many of us looked at the Klout score of our personal and business accounts on social media.

As a matter of fact, I wrote a script that used the Klout API to retrieve the Klout score of different Twitter accounts that I monitored. This data was written into a Google Sheets document (using the Google API) automatically at the exact same time every day. This helped me register special events on the social media front.

These are the results of the first half of May for the @iText account:

iText metrics first half May 2018

As you can see, the Twitter score for iText was pretty stable. If we look at Klout's own overview, calculated over 90 days, we see that the 90 Day Low was 54.21 and the 90 Day High was 56.58. Those are good scores.

Overview Klout score iText

We see a spike on April 25. That's not a coincidence: iText had a booth and two talks at the Great Indian Developer Summit (GIDS) during that week. This resulted in plenty of social media engagement of the attendees of this event. Klout noticed, and this was reflected in iText's Klout score.

The GIDS effect was even bigger for my personal @bruno1970 account. My personal Klout score jumped from about 60 to about 65. I expected this effect to be visible in the next three months, with an extra spike after my birthday on June 10.

Personal metrics on Twitter and Klout

Unfortunately, my script suddenly stopped registering Klout score on May 15 (PT) / May 16 (CET).

Klout API failures

Initially, I thought there was something wrong with (the configuration of) my script. Then I assumed that Klout had changed its API. I sent a Tweet to the @KloutAPI account, but I didn't get any response. After a couple of days, I gave up looking for an answer myself, and I posted a question on Stack Overflow: What causes a 403 error with the Klout API?

In a comment, someone suggested to contact support at Klout, but I couldn't find any e-mail address, so I tried sending another Tweet, this time to @KloutSupport. This time, I received a reply with a link to this blog item:

I’m writing to let you know that Lithium has made the decision to sunset the Klout service, effective May 25, 2018.

In other words: Lithium, the owner of Klout, is discontinuing the service next Friday.

As a hobby, I experimented with different API's, and I implemented a system using the Twitter, Klout, and Google API's because those were the easiest to use. Maybe I should take a closer look at some of the other social media API's, and come up with a new scoring system myself.