iText 5.4.3 — XML Worker 5.4.3

We're releasing iText 5.4.3 and as promised, we've been working on PAdES-5 and PDF/A. We already supported signing XFA forms using XML-DSig, now we also have support for signing using XAdES (which is required to meet the PAdES-5 standard). For the moment, only BES is supported (EPES will follow). As for PDF/A, iText will now make sure you can create documents that are fully compliant with PDF/A-1. That was already possible in the past, but iText didn't check if all the requirements for compliance were met, that was the responsibility of the developer. With the new release all these checks are done by iText.

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Google Analytics — June 2013

Another month has passed (time flies), let's take a look at

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Five ways to answer stupid questions

At school, teachers have taught us that there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers; experience has taught us that our teachers weren't always right.

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Tax Shelter

Last year, iText invested in the movie Emperor by Lee Tamahori. The film is still in pre-production.

This year, we're investing a in pool of movies through a Film Fund:

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Google Analytics — May 2013

I can repeat what I wrote a month ago: in the last few weeks, I've had ideas for at least five blog posts, but I never had the time to write about these ideas. For instance: I participated to my first ISO meeting in Vienna, and I returned home with plenty of inspiration. Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to blog about those ideas yet (although some are already on the technical roadmap for the months to come).

As for the site statistics, is doing well:

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iText 5.4.2 — XML Worker 5.4.2 - RUPS 5.4.2

Last year (2012), we focused on four goals:

  1. Creating an Android port for iText,
  2. Making iText Cloud-ready (GAE),
  3. Updating the digital signatures functionality to make iText PDF 2.0-ready,
  4. Creating a new product, named XFA Worker, that allows flattening of dynamic XFA forms.

By the end of the year, numerous customers were using iText on Android, a customer presented how he was using iText on GAE, we published a digital signatures white paper and we had our first customer for XFA Worker using iText in a BPM context.

For 2013, we defined four new goals, with the main focus on improving the products developed last year based on customer feedback, as well as starting a new R&D track oriented towards structured / unstructured documents.

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StackOverflow reputation

Three months ago, there were 1,486,744 developers active on StackOverflow and I was ranked #11,828. A month and three days ago, the total number of people active on StackOverflow had already increased to 1,629,590. Today, the number is 1,718,000 active developers:

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Waarom iText Software investeert in "Zoë Eisenhoet"

Vorige week ontving ik een mail van Ianka Fleerackers in verband met haar nieuwe project Zoë Eisenhoet. Ik kende Ianka vroeger enkel van TV als "prinses Prieeltje" uit Kulderzipken, maar anderhalf jaar geleden ontmoette ik haar in een andere context, op een event waar ik als spreker te gast was. We raakten aan de praat en Ianka vertelde over haar prentenboek voor iPad Wolfie en haar andere literaire projecten.

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Events in May

Next week, I'll be in Vienna to participate to the Technical Commission 171 of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). I'm the Belgian representative for the NBN. TC 171 is about document technology such as PDF, so I'll talk PDF for almost a week.

Later this month, I'll attend BizCamp #8.

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Digital Signatures: free ebook downloads

Imagine my surprise when I looked a the number of downloads of the white paper on digital signatures for April:

Month Downloads
October 2012 840
November 2012 835
December 2012 1041
January 2013 2060
February 2013 2704
March 2013 1669
April 2013 4018

1715 people found the white paper thanks to Google, 639 people thanks to StackOverflow. That's great, isn't it?


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