I already tweeted about it about a week ago:

Tweet about suspended Twitter accounts

Translated to English: For the first time in a long time, the saldo of new followers versus accounts that stopped following me is negative. When I check what causes this, I see that most of the unfollowers are "suspended accounts": #bigcleanupattwitter.

This is a screen shot taken from my Tweepsmap account:

Tweepsmap: suspended accounts

I think it's great that Twitter finally started taking serious measures against fake accounts, in spite of the fact that this also affects my own accounts, bruno1970 (my personal account) and willow9040 (my company account). I don't remember seeing much effect in May, but Twitter's latest effort clearly has an impact on my accounts.

This is the "damage" to the bruno1970 account: your current follower audience size is 6,230. That's 278 less than the same time 30 days ago. You've lost around 9 followers per day.

Twitter followers bruno1970 October 2018

As for willow9040: your current follower audience size is 3,739. That's 316 less than the same time 30 days ago. You've lost around 11 followers per day.

Twitter followers willow9040 October 2018

Mind you: I'm not complaining! It rather have fewer followers that are genuinely interested then more followers of which most aren't even real human beings of trustworthy companies. Marketing people have been using the number of Twitter followers as a metric, but that metric is useless if a majority of your followers is fake. See also a previous article on wil-low.com: "How real are your followers?" (an article I wrote after reading an article about politicians on social media).

For that article, I used a service that estimated the number of fake followers. According to that service, only 24 of the 6,009 followers of bruno1970 were fake and 0 of the 3,928 followers of willow9040. I didn't believe those numbers, and I am now proven right. I'm not sure if I should be surprised to see that willow9040 lost more followers than bruno1970. If only I had numbers, I'd investigate if there's a trend that shows that company accounts lose more followers than personal accounts.