FilmFest Ghent 2018

If we don't pick up our phone, if we do not answer mail, don't worry: we haven't disappeared from the surface of the earth, not literally in any case. We'll be in flight mode for the next two weeks, due to the International Film Festival in Ghent:

Film Festival Ghent, poster on screen

Return to an old hobby

Between the age of 16 and 18, I spent at least 10 hours a week in a school of arts, painting oil paintings. Last weekend, I decided to see if my old brushes and paint were still any good. Not in the least, I also wanted to know if my painting skills were still any good. So I set up my easel:

Easel and oil paint

What will the QLT building look like?

In my previous post, I presented the logo for QLT. Today, I can share what the building will most likely look like in a 3D video. We shared this video on YouTube and Facebook.

The YouTube video only had 5 views since it was published last night, but the video on Facebook already reached 1,531 people; 47 people engaged with the post, and the post generated 184 clicks.

Requiem voor Otsoe

Er is geen teken van herkenning wanneer ik in de spiegel kijk. Ik zie een ongeschoren man, net uit bed, maar nog vermoeid. Ik poets mijn tanden.

Het is een lange, droge zomer geweest, maar de laatste weken van augustus hebben we flink wat regen gekregen. Ook vannacht heeft het geregend. Ik speur de tuin af naar de hond. Het is een gewoonte die moeilijk af te leren is na veertien jaar, denk ik, wanneer ik besef dat ze er niet meer is. We hebben haar gisteren laten inslapen.

Vote for my SXSW proposal

About a month ago, I submitted a talk for the 2019 edition of SXSW. You can now vote for my talk if you want to help convince the program committee to select me. Votes are open until August 30.

GIDS keynote 2018: Blockchain, threat or opportunity?

Imagine that you have a keynote of 15 minutes at an event with a full schedule.
Imagine that the moment you get on the stage, they tell you that your slides are missing.
What do you do?

This happened to me at the Great Indian Developer Summit in April 2018, and this video shows how I handled the situation:

Education or Experience?

There’s a 1958 movie, Teacher’s Pet, in which Clark Gable plays a successful, but uneducated editor of a New York newspaper, and Doris Day plays a professor teaching a journalism class. The theme of this romantic movie evolves around which is more important, education or experience? Clark Gable concludes that experience is the jockey, education is the horse.

Twitter audience

Earlier today, I wrote an article on about the problem of fake followers on Twitter: How real are your followers? I wrote this post after a newspaper reported about a Belgian political party that won more than 10K followers in India in a very short period of time. One of my readers jokingly asked me: And how many followers do you have in India?