Two useful blog posts about iText

Today somebody brougth Jee's blog to my attention.
This blog contains two posts about using iText:

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... grow on trees, don't they?

The first couple of strawberries that were ripe were eaten by birds, hence the improvised net to protect them.

Enforcing your Trademark: not that simple


iText is a registered trademark by 1T3XT BVBA. This means we are now allowed to put an ® behind the word iText, and competitors can no longer buy the word iText from Google AdWords to lure customers to their sites (which was the main reason why I filed the trademark).

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New releases: iText 5.1.0 — RUPS 1.0.0 — XML Worker 0.9.1

It was more work than expected, but we've finally released iText 5.1.0.
The core iText® library
The first change that jumps to the eye, is that we no longer release "just the jar". You can now download a zip file containing several jars at SourceForge.

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Book party April 29

The "iText in Action" book party was a success. We didn't take much pictures, but it was fun to bring the old and the new colleagues together, and have them meet with some of our business partners. This is a more personal photo:

From left to right: my father, my wife, our two sons, myself, and my mother.

I don't know what we were talking about in the above picture. I think I was making some kind of silly joke (as usual).

Google Analytics — April 2011

Another month, another Google Analytics blogpost. Let's take a look at the Google heartbeat:

Do you notice the difference with the normal heartbeat? Look at the days before and after Eastern. There's a small disturbance there. It's more subtle than during the Christmas holidays, but it's there for sure: people don't visit the iText site when they are on vacation ;-)

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Books I've read last month

My last blog post about books dates from March 27. I continued reading The Chronicles of Narnia, but reading the seven books in a row feels like overkill, so I took a break after part 4 and 5 (or part 2 and 3 if you look at the publication order, rather than the logical reading order):

C.S. Lewis, Prince Caspian; 1951, p471-642 (from The Chronicles of Narnia; translated as Prins Caspian)

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"iText in Action" excerpt on Javabeat

When my first book was published, I enjoyed searching for "iText in Action" and I blogged about every site where it was mentioned. Now that there's a second edition, I no longer have time to do so. Fortunately, the marketing department at Manning allows sites to use excerpts from the book for blog —and other— posts, giving away a promotion code for a 40% deduction. And when they do so, they tweet about it:

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Interview on

About a month and a half ago, my wife and I went to Paris to do a book promo. I also did an interview with Celinio Fernandes. This interview (in French) is now online: Interview de Bruno Lowagie - Créateur de la librairie iText® (Paris - 10 mars 2011) .

Book sales "iText in Action" second edition

A book about IT has done very well if more than 5,000 copies were sold. The first edition of "iText in Action" was a best seller. These are the numbers for the second edition:
period Domestic International Special/Direct eBook
10Q4 987 - 1 386 - 1 546 1445
11Q1 260 - 7 6 - 0 54 211
11Q2 313 - 81 3 - 1 33 161
11Q3 369 - 30 107 - 2 48 108
11Q4 315 - 12 30 - 2 41 108
12Q1 276 - 18 1 - 1 185 122
12Q2 257 - 30 44 - 0 43 136
12Q3 222 - 29 5 - 0 26 108
12Q4 129 - 20 65 - 0 44 119
13Q1 173 - 14 25 - 0 33 82
13Q2 145 - 34 90 - 0 14 73
13Q3 141 - 11 63 - 0 12 62
13Q4 101 - 26 40 - 0 13 41
14Q1 73 - 4 80 - 1 7 280
14Q2 63 - 31 0 - 0 6 281
  3476 937 1105 3337

In other words, up until now 8855 copies of the book have been sold: 5518 paper books and 3337 eBooks.

Read more about the book or buy the book!


See also Bruno's profile on Google+