... grow on trees, don't they?

The first couple of strawberries that were ripe were eaten by birds, hence the improvised net to protect them.

Enforcing your Trademark: not that simple


iText is a registered trademark by 1T3XT BVBA. This means we are now allowed to put an ® behind the word iText, and competitors can no longer buy the word iText from Google AdWords to lure customers to their sites (which was the main reason why I filed the trademark).

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New releases: iText 5.1.0 — RUPS 1.0.0 — XML Worker 0.9.1

It was more work than expected, but we've finally released iText 5.1.0.
The core iText® library
The first change that jumps to the eye, is that we no longer release "just the jar". You can now download a zip file containing several jars at SourceForge.

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Book party April 29

The "iText in Action" book party was a success. We didn't take much pictures, but it was fun to bring the old and the new colleagues together, and have them meet with some of our business partners. This is a more personal photo:

From left to right: my father, my wife, our two sons, myself, and my mother.

I don't know what we were talking about in the above picture. I think I was making some kind of silly joke (as usual).

Google Analytics — April 2011

Another month, another Google Analytics blogpost. Let's take a look at the Google heartbeat:

Do you notice the difference with the normal heartbeat? Look at the days before and after Eastern. There's a small disturbance there. It's more subtle than during the Christmas holidays, but it's there for sure: people don't visit the iText site when they are on vacation ;-)

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Books I've read last month

My last blog post about books dates from March 27. I continued reading The Chronicles of Narnia, but reading the seven books in a row feels like overkill, so I took a break after part 4 and 5 (or part 2 and 3 if you look at the publication order, rather than the logical reading order):

C.S. Lewis, Prince Caspian; 1951, p471-642 (from The Chronicles of Narnia; translated as Prins Caspian)

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"iText in Action" excerpt on Javabeat

When my first book was published, I enjoyed searching for "iText in Action" and I blogged about every site where it was mentioned. Now that there's a second edition, I no longer have time to do so. Fortunately, the marketing department at Manning allows sites to use excerpts from the book for blog —and other— posts, giving away a promotion code for a 40% deduction. And when they do so, they tweet about it:

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Interview on

About a month and a half ago, my wife and I went to Paris to do a book promo. I also did an interview with Celinio Fernandes. This interview (in French) is now online: Interview de Bruno Lowagie - Créateur de la librairie iText® (Paris - 10 mars 2011) .

Book sales "iText in Action" second edition

A book about IT has done very well if more than 5,000 copies were sold. The first edition of "iText in Action" was a best seller. These are the numbers for the second edition:
period Domestic International Special/Direct eBook
10Q4 987 - 1 386 - 1 546 1445
11Q1 260 - 7 6 - 0 54 211
11Q2 313 - 81 3 - 1 33 161
11Q3 369 - 30 107 - 2 48 108
11Q4 315 - 12 30 - 2 41 108
12Q1 276 - 18 1 - 1 185 122
12Q2 257 - 30 44 - 0 43 136
12Q3 222 - 29 5 - 0 26 108
12Q4 129 - 20 65 - 0 44 119
13Q1 173 - 14 25 - 0 33 82
13Q2 145 - 34 90 - 0 14 73
13Q3 141 - 11 63 - 0 12 62
13Q4 101 - 26 40 - 0 13 41
14Q1 73 - 4 80 - 1 7 280
14Q2 63 - 31 0 - 0 6 281
  3476 937 1105 3337

In other words, up until now 8855 copies of the book have been sold: 5518 paper books and 3337 eBooks.

Read more about the book or buy the book!

The iText Office: after week 4

Last week, we had somebody come over for the electricity and for the floor:

This weeks will be a slow week. Normally, they'll continue working on the electricity (new fusebox, network plugs, etc...), but we have to wait 6 weeks for the lighting and we didn't contact somebody to paint the walls yet (they aren't dry enough to start painting anyway). We also didn't decide on the new office furniture yet.


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