A new month brings a new analytics report, and it's a great one:

Every record has been broken:

Month Page views Visits Visits/day Unique visitors / month Bounce rate Pages / visit Duration
January 2017 495,083 149,904 4,835 80,187 46.56% 3.30 04:52
February 2017 494,576 158,059 5,645 90,684 48.95% 3.13 04:34
March 2017 602,571 185,773 5,896 100,729 47.25% 3.24 04:56

What has happened? Well, we are still experimenting with SEM, but we are now also benefitting from our SEO efforts, and we are slowly getting rid of broken links and "Page Not Found" problems. It now becomes increasingly more important to look at the bounce rate, the number of pages visited, and the average time spent on the site. I've added these numbers to the table.

For instance, in January, the bounce rate was 46.56%. Then it increased to 48.95% in February. In March, it dropped to 47.25% (which is a good thing). Having a hundred thousand visitors is great, but if they only look at one page, and then move on, those hundred thousand visitors aren't relevant. What counts, is the number of people staying on the site, and that number is currently quite OK for us.