Books I've read last month

This is good time for my monthly post about the books I've read:

As you can see, I've been reading more graphics novels this month.

Robert Bloch, Psycho; 1959, 189p
Last month, I had been reading Hellboy, and the first part started with an introduction to the genre by Robert Bloch. I had been reading several short stories by Bloch, as well as his novel Night-world, but I never found the time to read Psycho. I don't think I've ever seen the movie by Hitchcock, nor the remake with Gus Van Sant. I've seen fragments on tv (the scene in the shower, Anthony Perkins talking to Mother, Viggo Mortensen trying to solve the mystery), but I've never seen the full movie. Nevertheless, when reading the book, I had the impression that I already knew the whole story.
Fredric Brown
1999 was me 't jaartje wel; 1969, 222p
Huwelijksexperiment op de maan; 1970, 192p
Hé, wat doen de sterren raar; 1971, 192p
Rogue in space; 1957, 192p (translated as Solitair in de ruimte; 1974)
A very long time ago, I've read stories such as Arena and a novel titled Martians, Go Home (1955), and I remember that I really liked these stories, so I decided to read three bundles of short stories from Space on my Hands (1953), Angels and Spaceships (1954), Honeymoon in Hell (1958), Nightmares and Geezenstacks (1961), and Daymares (1968), and one novel Rogue in Space (1957). It's very strange to read a science fiction story where the year 1972 is somewhere in the future, and some stories are outdated, and sound like a very old joke, but because of the wide variety, I really enjoyed reading the collection. Some stories are really fantastic and great reads. I even had a flashback from my youth. I remember seeing one of the stories on TV. I looked it up on IMDB, and Ithink I've seen The Geezenstacks (an episode of Tales of the Dark Side). Some of Fredric Brown's stories were used for episodes in Science Fiction series and in the series Alfred Hitchcock presents, but it's surprising that there aren't more movies based on his work.
Osama Tezuka, Astroboy (part 2); 1960-1963, 210p
Inigo likes Tezuka, he has Buddha, MW and Ode to Kirihito in his private library. Astroboy is less ambitious and aimed at younger kids, but we enjoyed reading it (I found the book in a second hand store for two and a half euro).
Alejandro Jodorowsky (writer) — Theo (penciller), De verschrikkelijke paus - 1. Della Rovere; 2010, 54p (The terrible Pope - part 1)
Alejandro Jodorowsky (writer) — Theo (penciller), De verschrikkelijke paus - 2. Julius II; 2011, 54p (The terrible Pope - part 1)
A historical and cruel drama about pope Jules the second. Inigo liked the Scorpion series, this series has less adventure, but more historical relevance. Watch the promotional movie for the second part:
Stephan Desberg (writer) — Bernard Vrancken (penciller), I.R.$. - 13. Het goud van Yamashita; 2011, 48p
Stephan Desberg (writer) — Marc Bourgne (penciller), I.R.$. All Watcher - 7. Het financiële zwarte gat; 2011, 48p
A while ago, I've read part 6 of All Watcher, and I explained that I didn't like this spin-off series as much as the actual I.R.$. series. The financial black hole is supposed to be the "Grande Finale" of the series, but I'm back at my original scepticism: the series started off too slow and too chaotic, the grande finale in part 6 was great, and because everything that needed to be explained was explained in part 6, part 7 is superfluous. I'm happy that this was the final part, and I'm glad that I could start reading the first half of a new story: Yamashita's Gold (all "traditional" I.R.$. stories are told in two episodes).
Frank Miller, That Yellow Bastard; 1996, 240p
Hurray, Inigo has decided that I no longer have to buy Dutch translations of Graphic Novels. This opens a whole new world of possibilities. I can start buying the rest of Sin City, Pluto, several series of X-Men... (But where do I find them in Belgium?) Maybe these aren't books for a 15-year old, but we enjoy discussing the artwork of graphic novels. There's nothing wrong with that, is there?


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