Vacation stats: GA vs Alexa

As predicted, the site statistics for July won't be as good as the statistics for June. This can be shown in a graphic comparing the first three weeks of July to three weeks in June:

You can clearly see the effect of the American National Holiday (4th of July); you can also see that nor the Flemish holiday (July 11), nor the Belgian National holiday (July 21) have any influence on the heartbeat of iText ;-)

These stats confirm my expectations. Many iText users all over the world are on vacation. (I'm not: my son is still recovering from surgery and I'm not taking any vacation this year.)

The Alexa stats however, contradict what Google Analytics —and my gut— are telling me:

If I'm to believe Alexa (I don't), the ranking has gone up in the past weeks and month. See the ranking of June:

Alexa also tells me the bounce rate is only 32% whereas Google Analytics tells me it's 41%. I like Alexa, because it allows me to compare with other sites, but unfortunately, after experimenting with Alexa for half a year, I must admit that Alexa isn't very accurate. It's fun, but one shouldn't put too much trust in it.

UPDATE: did I tell already you that my wife is smarter than me? When I showed her these stats, she explained: Alexa shows a better performance of because when compared to other sites, it loses less traffic during vacation periods. Other companies take a break in the Summer: they don't answer questions, they don't add new pages. You don't. That's why the Alexa ranking improves whereas the GA stats show less traffic. Could this be true?


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