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Google Analytics — April 2014

As predicted a month ago, we didn't break any Google Analytics records in April. We had the Easter holidays and the eve of another holiday (the first of May is Labor day in many countries) and that shows in the number of visits on the site:

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I've been Driesed ;-)

Every month, I download a report about the Google Analytics results of At the same time, I also process the analytics page for the site, but I hardly ever report about those results, because I don't have that much time to blog anymore ( isn't that relevant anymore now that iText moved to However, when making the overview of the visits (now called sessions) for April, I saw a significant peak around half April:

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The problem with engineers...

Today, I've read an article in the New York Times, entitled Heartbleed Highlights a Contradiction in the Web:

Five years ago, Steve Marquess, then a technology consultant for the Defense Department, was struck by the contradiction that OpenSSL was "ubiquitous," yet no one working on the code was making any money. When he met Dr. Henson, Mr. Marquess said, Dr. Henson was working on OpenSSL code full time and "starving."
So Mr. Marquess started the OpenSSL Software Foundation to help programmers like Dr. Henson make money by consulting for government agencies and companies that were using the code. It also takes in some minimal donations, he said.
Over the last five years, the foundation has never made more than $1 million in commercial contracting revenue a year. This does not go very far in paying for the programmers’ work, Mr. Marquess said.

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My reputation

Heartbleed, an ASL business model failure?

The ancient Romans brought us many ingenious inventions. The Roman civilization had the potential to start an industrial revolution, but eventually this revolution never happened. What went wrong? One of the important inhibiting factors was the existence of slavery: why invent machines when a free source of work force is ubiquitous?

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OSCON cover-up

A Couple of months ago, I submitted the follow proposal for a 40-minute conference session to OSCON:

In 2007, Dries Buytaert (Drupal) and Bruno Lowagie (iText) had a dinner meeting in Antwerp, discussing how to create a business for their open source project. In 2008, Dries founded Acquia and Bruno founded 1T3XT. 5 years later, Acquia was ranked #2 in Deloitte's Technology Fast 500 in the US; iText was #10 in the Benelux Fast 50. In his talk, Bruno will confide the key secrets of this success.

This was the full Abstract:

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Google Analytics — March 2014

The sales team has broken some records this month, and so did the web site:

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Google Analytics — February 2014

We never expect a month with only 28 days to break any record in terms of visits to the site. Nevertheless, the site performed really well:

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I'm in the top #5000! I waited until I was on place #4900 to announce, because it will be very hard to "defend" that place ;-)

Google Analytics — January 2014

Last month, we've broken two important Google Analytics records in the history of

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