iText in 2016

Next week, we'll publish iText's year in pictures on the iText blog, listing all the events we attended and all the awards we won, but I already want to give you a preview of all the people who made this possible:

iText on three different continents

From right to left:

TripIt: some stats

I safely returned from Las Vegas, and I hope I can spend the rest of the year at home, so I can already take a look at my travel statistics.

TripIt results 2016

Google Analytics — August 2016

You don't really see it when looking at the graph for August only, but something happened with the stats:

Google Analytics — July 2016

It was a very predictable month of July. The only surprise (to me) is the absence of a clear dip on the 4th of July.

Google Analytics - June 2016

Apart from the fact that we had plenty of rain in Belgium, what did June bring in terms of the iText web site?

It wasn't raining hits, and with a 30-day month it's hard to break absolute records, but we had the second best result for visits a day after our traditional record breaking month March.

Google Analytics - May 2016

I know I'm late with the statistics for May, but here they are:

The statistics look great, but they aren't entirely correct. Due to a test that went wrong, the number of hits on May 4th is higher than it should be. Many of the hits on that day were "self-inflicted". Too bad, we'll have to do with the numbers we have.

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