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I haven't been very active on my blog the last couple of years. Old blog posts were archived when I switched to a new Drupal version, and the only posts I wrote were about the performance of the iText web site. That's no longer needed now that the marketing team at iText was extended, so you probably won't see much activity on this site anymore, apart from an occasional update of my bio page.

Google Analytics – December 2017

December is typically a slow month because of the holidays. One glance at the stats confirms this simple truth:

But let's take a look at the full year:

Google Analytics – November 2017

November scored well in terms of number of pages visited, and broke the records of the lowest bounce rate, the highest number of pages visited per session, and the longest session duration, but we never had so few unique visitors per month this year. That means that fewer people find us, but those who find us stay longer (they're probably reading the new tutorials).

Google Analytics – October 2017

The first of November (traditionally a holiday in most European countries) is a Wednesday this year. Many people take a holiday right before or right after that date. That shows in the October numbers:

Still some records were broken. The bounce rate is getting lower and lower; the number of pages per visit is the highest ever; the duration on the site is longer than ever.

Google Analytics — September 2017

The numbers for September are not exactly what I expected. Granted, September has one day less than August and July, but I expected an increase in sessions and users nevertheless. Ah well, the bounce rate dropped and the number of pages consulted per session increased. Those are good metrics.


Naar aanleiding van een online opiniebijdrage in De Tijd, werd mij verweten dat ik "wereldvreemd" ben.

Google Analytics — July 2017

Summertime... What does that mean to our web site stats?

That's what a typical Summer month looks like.

Get a Life, Lochristi!

Onze zoon van bijna 20 woonde tot voor kort op zijn eentje in een huis in Brugge, maar wil nu terug naar het Gentse verhuizen. Hij vond een huis te huur in Lochristi, en het plan was het huis in Brugge te verhuren en met de huur van ene huis de huur van het andere te betalen. Een eerste gesprek met het immobiliënkantoor verliep probleemloos. Er werd een termijn en een huurprijs afgesproken, en het zag ernaar uit dat het huurcontract tekenen een formaliteit zou worden.

Google Analytics — June 2017

We are halfway 2017, and what did the month of June bring us?

The numbers are in the line of our expectations for a summer month with only 30 days:

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